Insightful interview of Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary on Wall Street Journal Live

 Yesterday on WSJ live, a program dedicated to business, Michael O’Leary gave a very interesting interview you can see below. Although MOL didn’t really tell anything new regarding the airline industry or the trans-Atlantic flights, something I still highly doubt, what is interesting here is the view of the airline CEO on tech industry.

As already said by Kenny Jacobs, a man who is indisputably digital-savvy, Ryanair’s vision of the tech industry pushes it to recruit top-class talents. MOL goes on by saying they’d like to draw talents from Facebook, Google, etc, which could mean business. Really. I could almost reconsider my last post on innovation and Ryanair if they so managed to recruit and develop a digital-friendly environment that would drive the airline forward.

But recruiting such top-class employees could prove to be difficult regarding Ryanair’s negative image as an employer. If one considers Facebook or Google, there is a culture of respect and humanity inside the walls that radically differs from Ryanair’s. I don’t know about the people living in the headquarters, however when you look at the pilots and the cabin crew, with all the bogus self-employment and lack of social security and all, you can hardly picture Ryanair as attractive.


Maybe the primary reason for lack of recruitment, besides the fact that, as MOL says, Ireland is a “home for digital talents in Europe”, is that Ryanair has such a poor image that it doesn’t make anyone dream anymore, consumers and employees alike.


What do you think? Were you convinced by this interview of MOL? What is your opinion on trans-Atlantic flights?

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  1. Hi Teck digital companies registered in Ireland not only because of the low tax rates given but also the employment laws which favor the employer.Even thought a 8% drop in profits for Ryanair is a lot for any company to loose,not RYANAIR as share price continues to rocket…O’Leary and Bonderman continue to personally make millions each year from their employees no matter how much profit is lost..With thousands of flights a year being manned by zero hour contracted crew,apprenticeship crew being paid by Governments,not hard seeing the millions being made through so called third party agents which are hard to investigate as these companies continue to be liquidated time and time again…

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